The Renewed Website of Visiosto Combines Fresh Design with Modern Features

A couple of weeks ago Visiosto celebrated its first anniversary. Today we hit another milestone: Visiosto’s first year in the Finnish Trade Register. To celebrate the occasion we decided to give Visiosto a little gift. We refurbished the design of the website!

We at Visiosto want to create simple yet functional experiences, which also was the basis for our website’s upgrade. We made the site’s visual appearance even more lovable by clarifying the patterning and adding more colours—after all, it’s summer!

Additionally, the goal of our websites is to use the latest and greatest features while still maintaining compatibility with different devices. And that’s exactly how we went about the renewing of our website: it supports devices’ dark modes! Now you can surf our website in low light without hurting your eyes.

You should keep in mind: if you’re in the need of a modern website or graphic and visual design, contact us so we can discuss more. We refract a picture from your vision through our lens.

Anssi Moilanen, designer

Visiosto Celebrates Its First Birthday

It’s been exactly one year since we took the memorandum of association to the Finnish Patent and Registration Office’s bureau in Hakaniemi. Thus, a year ago we began to form an alternative to horrendous visual appearances and faceless work with clients. That’s why we founded Visiosto, the modern communications agency that can build experiences that touch heart and are visually appealing.

During this past year, our producer Gurmann has focused on connecting Visiosto and its clients for our journey together. Our designer Anssi has materialized many graphical designs and danced with Photoshop. Our developer Antti has harmonized snippets of code into fully functional websites and steered our financials into the right direction.

In the first year of our journey, our desk has seen various projects that we have refracted through our lens. Huge thanks to all of our clients for the past year! We’re eagerly looking forward to all of the challenges that lie ahead of us.

However, Visiosto is more prepared than ever before! You’ll see us taking our activities to a whole new level. If you’re in need of website, graphic and visual design or events, the picture can be refracted through our lens!

Sincerely, Anssi, Antti, and Guru

Modern Marketing Agency Visiosto Makes Your Vision Come True

Good news is the best possible way to start a new decade! Visiosto is a new marketing and communications agency founded last July as the founders of the company were fed up of horrendous visual appearances and faceless work with clients. Too often communication and marketing is built with quick hacks, which is good for nobody. Thus, we founded Visiosto so communication doesn’t have to be fuzzy but your message can be concentrated into an impressive whole that doesn’t only create value for you but also for society.

We founders of Visiosto first met each other in a non-profit organisation. That’s why we know that the accuracy of the lens is everything when it comes to refracting your vision and message into picture. Therefore we want to leave the building of castles in the air for others and construct what you wish – by acting boldly, creating high-class outcomes and interacting personally. That’s why we exist: so your message can touch hearts.

We build what you need to get your message across comprehensively: websites, graphic designs and events. Visually appealing, beautiful and user-friendly websites are our core expertise as potential customers may often want to contact you only if your website pleases the eye. You won’t just be getting well-functioning website but a whole that increases your and your brand’s value. Additionally, your visual appearance defines you and your brand, and the aesthetics of your business is your calling card and your key to recognition. Whether it’s a new logo, print, rebranding or totally new brand, we’ll get the job done. We also share our event production knowledge to help you plan and carry out your vision of both big and small event projects. No matter if it’s a client event, ‘kick-off’ meeting, conference, general assembly or press conference, we take care of it – just as you want it.

If you require competent work and you want to conduct your communication and marketing with high quality, contact us so we can discuss more! You can find our contact details on our website at You can also find us on social media on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn by username visiosto and on Twitter by username visiosto_oy.

We’re looking forward to working together during the new decade.

Antti Kivi, CEO